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About Us

In 2009 Jaime Murphy took her passion for Travel and started a Professional Travel Consulting Business in affiliation with Travel Professionals International (TPI).   Her focus was to plan vacations that allow people to really enjoy a destination, to give them insider knowledge so they could have the vacation of their dreams.  Prior to opening her travel business Jaime had taken multiple Disney Cruises and annual vacations to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida so naturally in the beginning they were her favourite to plan.  However within a few months of opening she had her first repeat clients, this time though they gave Jaime the honour of planning their destination wedding group.   Jaime wanted to ensure they had an amazing time, she started Destination Wedding and Honeymoon training, started doing inspections at resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico and in February she escorted her first wedding group of 36 to Mexico.

She quickly inspired others to follow their dreams of Professional Travel Consulting too and by the end of 2009 Sherry Myles became a Travel Advisor affiliated with TPI but mentored directly by Jaime.

Their online presence started to grow and Jaime officially switched her marketing in 2010 from Jaime Murphy TPI to the Magical Trips TPI Travel Team which better suited her growing team and the vacations they were creating.   She launched and and her Facebook Page  

Today Magical Trips TPI Travel Team is made of a group of eight travel advisors who all followed their passions to ensure your vacation is magical!   Your vacation time is your most valuable asset and the Magical Trips TPI Travel Team have the experience required to get you the most value for your time and money!   

​At first glance they may be seen as a traditional travel agency however they are actually quite different.

Who makes up the is Magical Trips TPI team?
  Magical Trips TPI Travel Team is a group of Independent Professional Travel Advisors who are affiliated with Travel Professionals International 
(click here to learn about TPI) and work together as a team under the guidance of the founder Jaime Murphy as part of her contract with TPI.  In 2015 Jaime's went from having a sole proprietorship to opening  Magical Trips Inc.  It's important to note the members of the Magical Trips TPI Travel Team all operate their own independent businesses and  though are mentored by Jaime they do not work for Magical Trips Inc. 

What makes them different and why do they work together? The Magical Trips TPI Travel Team is made up of a team that share the same passion for travel and customer service however they follow their own dreams and have their own specialties – working as a team allows them to assist you with all of your vacation dreams year after year. Being independent advisors they have the flexibility to grow their business to fit their client’s needs. They focus our attentions on you so they can help make all your travel dreams a reality. They act as your consultant; they learn about your travel dreams, they explore destinations worldwide so they can make suggestions to make your vacation magical, and they network with the best companies so they can offer you the best possible value!

Where are the Magical Trips TPI Team located? The team of advisors are currently located in Alberta, Canada and Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada however because of their specialties we have clients worldwide. Be sure to visit to check out their Travel Advisors profiles 
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Their clients? They have clients from around the world and their trips range from the once in a lifetime trip to multiple vacation a year.  If you are a first time traveller, or have always just booked your vacations online, or seeking a new advisor to plan your vacations year after year -  they would love to speak with you!  They will take great pride in planning your vacation; many of their services are complimentary with booking your vacation and typically we offer packages at the same or better value than you can find elsewhere! 

Their Knowledge and Experience? The Magical Trips TPI Travel Team has earned many certifications.  

Their commitment and knowledge of Disney products has earned the Magical Trips TPI Travel Team the distinction of being named only one of ten TPI teams to be Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. The Magical Trips TPI Team was given this special designation by Disney as a result of their ongoing focus and commitment to planning customized, magical trips to the Disney Parks, Disney Cruise Line and other Disney vacation destinations worldwide!  

Their commitment and knowledge of the Sandals and Beaches Resorts have earned all members of the Magical Trips Team their CSS making them Certificate Sandals Specialist.  Jaime Murphy and Charlene Richmond have also earned the SWS - Sandal Weddingmoon Specialist.  

Four members of the Magical Trips TPI Team; Jaime Murphy, Sherry Myles, Charlene Richmond and Michelle Philpott have earned their Certified Travel Counsellor (CTC) status with Association of Canadian Travel Agencies and are also part of Virtuoso.  Very few Newfoundland travel advisors are Certified or part of the Virtuoso Luxury Travel Brand. 

​Krista Dunn is a registered advisor with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICCO).

Many other certifications and designations have also been earned by the team including the designation of Destination Wedding Specialists  - be sure to ask us what we specialize in and how we can make your next trip Magical!

Special Request​:
If you find a special online or in print though they are happy to check out all the details for you and help you plan the perfect vacation!  They do kindly request though that you ever only ask one person to assist with planning your vacation whether it is a member of our team or another agency - the reason is for the majority of bookings we all have access to the same deals and they dedicate a lot of time to ensure our clients receive the best possible value which does mean we dedicate a lot of time researching your vacation before actually booking your vacation - typically this research is a complimentary service to you however only the booking agent can be paid for the work they do.  To help us quote packages in a timely manner and out of respect competition and the team they kindly for your help - thank you!  Since only one person can get paid for the work they will not price match a quote you have received from another agency out of respect to them.    We will always do our very best to ensure we provide every client with the best rate!  When possible we even do price adjustments or upgrades after booking.  

Cancelation Fee's:  To cancel booked packages there is a charge a $150 + HST cancelation fee.  This is above any fee's by the supplier you are booked with. There are exceptions to this fee so please confirm with your advisor before canceling.  This fee is in place because the advisors only get paid for their time if a client travels.  Some vacations can be cancelled complimentary.

Booking Fee's:  
Air only bookings are subject to a $50 + HST booking fee.  All tickets on one reservation number pay one fee.

Planning Packages:
The Magical Trips TPI Travel Team offer complete planning packages for all styles of vacations.  These planning packages can be purchased for $150 + HST.  Ask for details!  They will include everything from assistance with check-in, day by day itineraries, dining reservations and more.  If you love the finer things in life be sure to ask Jaime about Magical Trips by Design!