The world we live in is an amazing place with so much to explore and discover!  There are many places to visit and ways to travel.  These are just some of the most common to give you examples.  Even if you are looking for something different than listed please still contact us as we can help!

Today's cruise vacations is all about choices - there is truly a cruise to fit every budget and style.  

There are three different styles...

The Traditional style ship - this ranges from a very basic to a very luxurious experience depending on the company. Some of the Cruise Lines that would be considered in this category include......Princess, Holland American, and Celebrity.

The new innovative "Floating Resorts" - these ships are designed with all ages in mind and offer experiences that can included Broadway Shows,  Multiple Pools/Water Slides, Zip-lining, Rock Wall Climbing, Movie Theatres and much more... some of the Cruise Lines that would be considered in this category include... Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Disney.

The Luxury Small Ship experience - the focus is on service and the ability to reach ports of call the bigger ships can not.  Often smaller ships stay in port until late at night too allowing you to enjoy the nightlife at a destination.

Each ship and company offer unique experiences and we take great pride in understanding what the different companies offer and take the time to understand what is important to you on your vacation; allow an advisor at Magical Trips suggest the perfect company and experience for you!

Do you like to travel as a group?  Ask us about special perks some cruise lines offer (groups are 8 or more rooms).

Exclusive Perks: As part of TPI and the Virtuoso network we often have exclusive offerings and perks.  Be sure to ask to be added to our mailing list.

Virtuoso Voyager Club!

Voyager Club offers exclusive, free amenities and experiences that other travelers can only dream about. 
As a Virtuoso Travel Advisor we can help you find one of the hundreds of sailings each year that offer Voyager Club benefits. 

When you sail with Voyager Club, you get: 
1. A dedicated onboard host who will be available throughout your sailing. 
2. A private welcome-aboard cocktail reception where your host will introduce you to fellow Voyager Club travelers, helping to make connections and build friendships. 
3. The camaraderie of fellow cruisers, which enhances every experience, from delicious meals to unparalleled shore experiences. 
4. An exclusive shore excursion, such as VIP access to a venue, performance, or experience not available to the general public, or a full-day event that immerses you in local culture. We can also arrange an alternative experience, like a special gift or shipboard credit on select dates. 
5. Access to our car and driver program on select Voyager Club sailings for more flexibility. Use your private car and driver to explore a different destination at your own pace.

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