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What is the timeline for planning a destination wedding?  This varies with the couple and the destination.  I have planned weddings for the same month of travel multiple times however it can be very challenging especially if looking for a legal ceremony, travelling with a group and wanting a wedding during winter season in the Caribbean.

Here's the timeline and process that tends to offer the best selection and lowest rates for travel due to early booking bonuses offered for group travel.

Timeline for All Inclusive Destination Wedding for Groups:

12 to 18 months in advance

- Make an appointment to meet with a Destination Wedding Specialist to discuss dates, destination and resorts.  Also to give the Destination Wedding Specialist an idea of your expectations for your budget for your wedding, for your travel and for your guest travel.​

- After your meeting the destination wedding specialist will proceed with gathering information for you.  They will create a short list of resorts based on information they gather from your meeting, they will contact those resorts to ensure wedding dates are available during that time, they will send out for group than send out for price quotes from all the major suppliers that service the airports of you and your guest.

- Once you have decided on your package; your Destination Wedding Specialist 1. Confirm your wedding date and introduce you by email to the wedding coordinator at your resort so you can put in your request for reception location and more.  2. Confirm your travel arrangements.  Typically with the majority of travel suppliers you can pay a  non-refundable deposit for the bridal couples travel (typically between $500 to $1000) and this will typically hold space for up to 30 people and 15 rooms for up to 3 months giving you plenty of time to invite your guest.  The deposit will just come of the total of the bridal couples package at final payment.  If more than 30 people confirm we simply just ask for more space at the special group pricing.

- Have a website created for your wedding.  Many Destination Wedding Specialist will do this for you.  Our Destination Wedding Specialist create a wedding website, facebook group and email to share with all your guest.  This gives information on your special day, on the destination and resort, how to book, important travel advice and more.

11 months in advance

​-Flight schedule is released; wedding website is updated and guest notified.

-This is a great time to pick your wedding attire!

6 months in advance

​This is a great time to touch base with the wedding coordinator at the resort.

3 months in advance

-Typically this is when final payment for the travel arrangements is made.  It may vary slightly depending on the promotions offered with the travel package.
If travel insurance has not been arranged this is the time to ensure you have it before final payment is made!

​-A Travel Manifest is sent to the Resort by your Destination Wedding Specialist with all your guest information and rooming request.

-This is a great time to touch base with the wedding coordinator at the resort to ensure they have all the documentation they need for your ceremony.

2 weeks to 1 month in advance

- This is around the time the travel documentation goes out to the group.  Everyone should read through their documents and let the Destination Wedding Specialist know if they need adjustments or have questions!  Also it is advised that everyone take a printed copy of their documents with them.

​- Make sure all alternations have been completed for your wedding attire.

1 week prior

​- Do the final packing!!

24 hours in advance

- ​Check your flight schedule.

3 hours prior to departure

​- Arrive at the airport


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A Destination Wedding Timeline