The world is a gem waiting to be discovered and there is a true joy when you can share it with the ones you love.

Over the years we noticed family vacations are changing.  Families are travelling more frequently.  They are looking for immersive experiences.  They are looking for quality experiences.  They are looking to reconnect with different generations; often traveling with members of their extended family and close friends.  They want their vacations pre-planned so they can just go and enjoy!  Our goal is to ensure we provide you with the opportunity to make your family's vacation dreams a reality by offering you the best value for your most important asset - your time!

To meet with the shift in family travel we have noticed a new trend in family travel - Family Guided Vacations.  Many of the top companies in the travel world have adopted these type of experiences to their travel portfolio's.  Some of our favorite Family Guided Vacation companies are:  Adventures by Disney, Tauck Bridges, Trafalgar Family Experiences and Collette Vacations.  These companies offer different experiences perfect for different families.  What makes this nice is typically the families that will be travelling with you will be like minded and often great connections and long term friendships are formed.  These trips are available at destinations worldwide including Asia, China, Europe, North America & South America.

We love how Tauck Bridges explains Family Guided Vacations  - Eye-opening, exciting, wondrous and engaging for travelers of every age. They should spark a passion, inspire a sense of wonder or enrich understanding – and when these experiences are shared with loved ones, they bring you closer together! 

Family Guided Vacations offer families the opportunity to explore destinations worldwide, to immerse the culture yet at the same time just enjoy each others company and have fun!  How is this possible?  It's actually simple - your whole vacation is taken care of from start to finish!  Magical Trips will guide you through the booking process - we help choose a vacation that matches your family as there are many different styles of Family Guided Vacations.  Once on your vacation - your host will assist with providing the service required so you can relax and enjoy!  They will take care of your luggage, transportation, hotels, meals yet also provide you with cultural experiences unique to the destination you are traveling too.  For example...imagine taking a cooking class in Italy and making Pizza as a family.  Your host also knows how valuable your time is as a family so they have arranged times for you to visit some of the magical destinations in the World without the crowds!  For example - imagine a private viewing of the Sistine Chapel - if you were not on a guided vacation you would wait hours in line only to be packed in the chapel - Adventures by Disney has this added to their Italy Adventures!

Whether your family is planning a trip to Disney, a family Cruise, a Beach vacation, a city getaway or a Guided Vacation we look forward to assisting you!

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