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It's ironic really, you hear announcements not to leave your belongings unattended and then you go through security and your belongings are left unattended. Smaller airports this is not as likely to happen but bigger airports like in Orlando and Toronto it certainly does happen. This happened to me twice while on a recent vacation. We were all instructed to put our belongings on the belt and then get in secondary line to go through screening. .Both times the secondary line was long and you could not see your belongings. Also both times people were crowding the belt. I seen wallets that appeared to have large amounts of money and jewelry left unattended which can make you a target for theft.

Wondering what you can do? Be prepared prior to entering the secured area.

Taking these 7 steps will help speed up your journey through security and keep you as safe as possible:

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​​1. Have nothing in your pockets;  this includes your wallet. Have your valuables secured either in a inside zipped pocket of your jacket or carryon bag before even entering security.  With new security features in most major airports you will not be allowed to have anything in your pockets.

2. Have your larger electronics easily accessible and already out of the cases. This includes IPAD cases; Otterbox cases take time to take off!  The lady in front of my was having great difficulty. 

3. Wear socks on your feet even in the summer time.  Oh did I ever wish I had on my socks!  It's never fun waking through security bare foot.

4. Have all your liquids in a 1 litre bag and make sure none of them are over 100ml. Also make sure the amounts are clearly marked on the bottles. Have this bag out of your bag and ready to put on the belt. It's not an actual requirement but it avoids your other belongings being search if they need to confirm the amounts of the liquid which they did for me both times during my trip. It was quick and easy as they just picked up the bag and checked without having to search my belongings.

5. If you have anything you feel they may want to check have it out of your bag. Empty Insulated Water Bottles often need to be checked - so by having them out will help avoid issues.

6. Make sure your batteries are charged on everything electronic and it can turn on. We had to take a picture one time in Europe going through security with our DSL camera.

7. Avoid wearing large amounts of jewelry, metal belt clips etc... Even some underwire bra's are known for causing issues at security.

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