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​​​​Walt Disney World in Orlando has a special place in my heart.  It is the one place I keep going back too.  One of my favourite times of year to visit is during the Christmas season.  The magic of Disney combine with the magic of the Holiday's is amazing!  Visiting though during December 22 and January 2 does pose the challenge of extremely large crowds of people and very long waits.  It truly still can be an amazing time to go and these helpful tips should help!

​1.  Find a Travel Agent who specializes in vacations to the Walt Disney World Resort and ask them if they have been during Christmas Week or plan it often.  Even if you prefer to book your own travel; this is a trip you should seek a professional to help with.  Even if it is just to have the agent to assist with the booking and then to use as a sounding board when you have questions.  Often it cost nothing to have an agent to actually book the trip, and an agent who truly specializes in Disney World Vacations will have suggestions for the best value for your money and time.  Some agents will go as far as actually fine tuning your vacation for you buy making dining reservations, fast passes and more, for a slight fee but the best part is you just show up and have fun!

​2.  If your budget allows stay onsite in the Boardwalk Resort or Villa's, Beach Club Resort or Villa's, the Yacht Club or Swan and Dolphin.  Since the Walt Disney World Resort is the size of a city; staying onsite 

Onsite benefits include:

  • Early Access to FastPass+ Planning: Get first access to reserve select shows and attractions up to 60 days before arrival​.
  • Extra Magic Hours: Spend extra time at one of the theme parks each day (Park ticket and Resort ID required)

There are a few reasons why I feel a onsite hotel is a must during Christmas week:

  • Parking.  The parking lots fill to capacity quickly.  I have seen the Magic Kingdom Parking lot close as early as 10am on Christmas Day.  The parking lot is the size of a small town so that will give you a good idea the amount of people to expect.  When you stay in a Disney hotel you have the luxury of using the Walt Disney World Transportation System.
  • ​Early/Late Access.  Disney often opens early and closes late for onsite guest.  This makes it easier to explore.
  • ​The ability to take afternoon breaks at ease.  Since you can use the Walt Disney World Transportation System you can easily take a break during the busiest times of day.

​If all this sound to intense consider visiting visiting in early December.  You will still get to experience all the magic without the large crowds!


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Tips on having a Magical Christmas in Walt Disney World

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