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"After taking multiple trips to Europe and really understanding what make a vacation memorable - I started recommending Trafalgar Vacations to my clients.  The key for me is to understand what you love so I can offer you the right style of Trafalgar Vacation!  There are many different vacation styles to choose from truly offering something for everyone!  

Why book your Trafalgar Vacation with us?  It's simple; like Trafalgar my team and I at Magical Trips - TPI aim to ensure you have a vacation you will cherish forever!  We take the time to guide you to the perfect trip FOR YOU!  We work with you from the moment we start planning your vacation until you return home and we start planning your next vacation!  The best part is there are no additional fees to have us work as your Travel Advisor and to book your vacation! " - Jaime Murphy (Owner of Magical Trips Inc. - - (709) 368 6636)  

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