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Travel Tools

This page is designed to be a valuable collection of information for your upcoming vacation!  

This video helped us with packing for our conference - you may find it helpful for your upcoming trip!  Just ensure you are within your airlines carry-on rules - feel free to ask us for assistance if you are unsure what the rules are.

Below you will find links to different travel related sites that we feel act as a valuable resource when traveling.    All of the sites are provided for your reference only as the Magical Trips TPI team has no control on the information posted.  You will be leaving our website each time you click on a link.​

The following links will assist you when preparing for your trip.

Canadian Government Helpful Pages:
► Travel Advisory Board - learn everything you need to know about your travel destination!
► Canadian Passport Application Forms - to travel anywhere outside of Canada you require a passport!
► Return to Canada – “I Declare” - do you know what you are allow to bring back?
► Canadian Consular Office Abroad - need help while away?
► Travelling with minors - consent letter - Important when leaving Canadian without all legal guardians!
► Travel Health Advisory - wondering what type of vaccinations and precautions you should take on your trip?

Other Helpful Pages:
► St. John's Airport - check the airport site before you leave for the airport to ensure your flight is on time!
► Weather Network  - learn about the weather trends around the world!
► World Maps - maps from around the world.
► Flight Tracker - track your flights!
► Currency Converter - find out exactly what the Canadian Dollar is worth around the world!
► World Time Server - find out the time difference before you leave home!
► Baby Gear Rentals - pack light and rent the baby equipment!
► How To Call Abroad - unsure how to call home?