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the Travel Blog of Jaime Murphy; a Certified Travel Counsellor and Family Travel Expert

Jaime's Travel Blog; TravelMagic© is designed to share tips and information gathered by Jaime Murphy while traveling, planning trips, and completing training.  Feel free to reach out to Jaime if you have questions or would like her help planning your next adventure!   

Jaime Murphy Certified Travel Counsellor- - - + 1 709 770 5689

​Jaime is located in Beaumont, Alberta and creates magical trips for all Canadian's looking for a well planned vacation!

Your trip is booked - what's next?

​A magical vacation is a well planned vacation.  Click here to read my top 10 tips on what's next after booking.

Fun Free Things to do at the Walt Disney World Resort.

​​Going to Walt Disney World makes for an amazing vacation especially if it is well planned! Did you know there are FUN Free things to see and do in Walt Disney World.  Click here to read 10 of my favourite!


10 Holiday Perks you only get on a Cruise

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Magical Trips

With the WORLD as your canvas - EXPLORE - make MAGIC!

Why chose a Destination Wedding? 

​Congratulations you are engaged!  Now you need to decide the way you are to celebrate your special day!  Click here to find out why Destination Weddings are becoming a trend.