Why Chose a Destination Wedding?

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Congratulations! Planning a wedding is a special milestone in your life! 

One of the fast growing trends for couples is to combine a vacation with their actual wedding.  I have been assisting couple planning Destination Weddings since 2010 and there are many wonderful reasons more couples are now making a Destination Wedding their first choice.

​Here are the five top reasons why Destination Wedding have become such a wonderful trend:

​1. You can combine your dream vacation with your special day.  This makes for such an amazing way to celebrate your love for each other.  Imagine getting married on a beautiful white sand beach with blue skies as you canopy, or maybe even in a castle in Ireland, or a vineyard in Italy, or even a chapel at the Walt Disney World Resort with Cinderella's Castle as your back drop.  There are so many amazing options to chose from.

​2. Cost.  Often a Destination Wedding cost significant less than a wedding at home especially if you planned on doing a Honeymoon too.  Many reasons come into play.  Items like wedding planner, decorator, caterer etc...  Often with a Destination Wedding these are included as part of one package and sometimes these packages can even be free depending how large your group is travelling with you.  

​3. Guest List.  Having a wedding at home often means you feel obligated to invite extended family and friends you have not be in touch with for a long while.  With Destination Weddings the guest who attend are typically those you are closest with and as an added bonus instead of just spending a few hours with them you are vacationing with them and have lots of time to connect and make magical memories.  You can even do some neat excursions before or after the wedding as a group.

​4. A Wedding Planner.  Many hotels (especially in the Caribbean) and cruise ships have a wedding planner on site who assist with your day.  They are professionals that know all the tricks to make everything extra special.  Often their services are included with the packages meaning you do not have the extra expense to hire a Wedding Planner like you would at home.

​5.  Combining you Dream Honeymoon with your special day.  Often you can easily extended your trip since you are already away or upgrade your accommodations to make the honeymoon part of your trip extra special.  With many weddings at home being on weekend and many people wanting to go on a honeymoon immediately, your honeymoon options can be limited.  Depending where you live many destinations have limited flight options and often they are weekend flights.  Also if you were hoping for a cruise for your honeymoon often they leave only on the weekend.  Getting married in the Destination you want your honeymoon to be will make it much more likely.

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